Buchpräsentation und Gespräch in der Mediathek

Date(s) - 10/06/2024
18:30 - 20:30

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Buchpräsentation und Gespräch (auf Englisch) Book launch and conversation

Christina Kiaer, Maria Mileeva und Beáta Hock

A new account of Socialist Realism not as a totalitarian style but as a fiercely collective art system

Dislodging the avant-garde from its central position in the narrative of Soviet art, Collective Body presents painter Aleksandr Deineka’s corporeal version of Socialist Realism as an alternate experimental aesthetic that activates affective forces for collective ends.

Christina Kiaer traces Deineka’s path from his avant-garde origins as the inventor of the proletarian body in illustrations for mass magazines after the revolution through his success as a state-sponsored painter of monumental, lyrical canvases during the Terror and beyond. Deineka figures in this study not as a singular master, in the spirit of a traditional monograph, but as a limit case of the system he inhabited and helped to create.

Collective Body shows how the art of the October Revolution continues to capture viewers’ imaginations by evoking the elation of collectivity, retaining the potential to inform the art-into-life experiments of contemporary art.


Guests of the event must either use the general entrance of the building and lock in their bags – a personal lock is needed – or can be picked up at the side entrance at Planckstr. 16 at 18.15.