19. März 2012 – Beyond Galileo’s “O”

Beyond Galileo’s “O”Beyond Galileo’s “O”

March 19, 2012

Institute for Art and Visual History

Max Planck Institute
for the History of Science

Max Planck Institute
for the History of Science

Boltzmannstr. 22
14195 Berlin

Flyer – Beyond Galileo’s O (PDF)

Horst Bredekamp (Herausgeber) – Galileo’s O



10:00 Jürgen Renn/Horst Bredekamp – Introduction
10:20 Heiko Hartmann – Akademie-Verlag

Chair Alexis Ruccius

10:30 Paul Needham – The False Testimony of Facsimiles
11:00 Irene Brückle – Tracer
11:30 Oliver Hahn – High-Tech Analyses for the Investigation of Cultural Assets
12:00 Cutting Edges of Materiality and Printing
Sonja Krug
Robert Felfe
Manfred Mayer
Hans Jakob Meier
Enrica Schettini Piazza
Theresa Smith

13:00 Lunch break

Chair Markus Rath

14:30 Jürgen Renn – The Equilibrium Controvercy
15:00 Jürgen Renn/Matteo Valleriani – Galileo’s “Ricordi autografi” and his activity as an engineer
15:30 Jochen Büttner – Swinging and Rolling: at the Root of Galileo’s New Theory of Motion

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Horst Bredekamp – Galileo’s Scribbling
17:00 William Shea – The Quest for Galileo Star Gazer
17:30 Irving Lavin – Mellan’s Moons

18:30 Final remarks