Entfällt – Vortrag: Prof. Dr. Thea Brejzek – University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Date(s) - 02/05/2018
18:00 - 20:00

HU Hauptgebäude, Hörsaal 3075
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Prof. Dr. Thea Brejzek von der
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Between Fiction and Reality:
The Radical Model Worlds of
Anna Viebrock

This talk discusses the cosmopoietic or world-making capacity of scenographic models in relation to German scenographer Anna Viebrock’s selected stage set exhibitions (Avignon 2010, Basel 2011) and her recent installative collaborative project at Venice’s Prada Foundation (Venice 2017). It is argued that Viebrock’s architectural stage sets fulfill the central characteristic of models, namely a reduction in complexity, and a selective omission or rendering of detail as well as presenting the material realization of a concept or idea. Modelled after existing as well as historic architectures, Viebrock’s collaging technique allows for the insertion, molding and layering of exterior and interior details into a single space. This lecture posits that in her exhibitions, Viebrock uses scale to immerse the viewer into two very different model worlds: the controlled and seemingly controllable world of the small-scale and the enterable architecture of the 1:1 scale. The author concludes that, independent of scale, Viebrock’s stage sets present ‘weak scenographies’ (see Solà-Morales’ notion of a ‘weak architecture’) in their anti- monumental approach and aesthetics and the subsequent radical exposure of the postmodern subject as unhoused in architecture.