Charlotta Krispinsson

Dr. Charlotta Krispinsson

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Doktoranden- und Postdoc-Förderung
Swedish Research Council


Charlotta Krispinsson holds an international postdoc position funded by the Swedish Research Council. She is also a researcher in Media History at Lund University, Sweden. The title of her current postdoc-project is “Copies and Replicas in 17th century Northern Europe: Image, Medium, and Practice”. The aim is to offer new knowledge about the making of painted copies and replicas during the 17th Century, in areas of Northern Europe geographically distant from the artistic centres of the time. The research addresses practices of copying by hand considered as a cultural technique, and painted copies and replicas considered as the outcome of image circulation where images migrate between different media across time and space. The 17th century was an important period of transition between earlier and later concepts of art, as well as a century when the demand for and making of paintings increased significantly. For this reason, important topics for the research projects are thus imitation, repetition and stylistic belatedness as practiced by artists and in parts of Northern Europe that traditionally have been considered as less important in previous art historiography.

Krispinsson earned her PhD in art history at Stockholm University in October 2016. Her thesis, Historiska porträtt som kunskapskälla: Samlingar, arkiv och konsthistorieskrivning (Historical Portraits as Documents: Collections, Archives, Art Historiography), published by Nordic Academic Press 2016, is a study on the reception history of early modern portraiture as expressed in art historiography 1880-1945. It is also the first study on the museum history of national portrait galleries in Europe.

Research interests: The visual history of the 16th and 17th century in Northern Europe, image theory, early modern media history, art historiography, museum history, portraiture and theories on portrayal.



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