Sarah M. Schlachetzki

Dr. Sarah M. Schlachetzki

Foto: J. Deluga-Góra

Fellow der Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung


Sarah M. Schlachetzki is a historian of architecture, specializing in architectural modernism. Originally trained as an art historian with a focus on contemporary art history, she received her MA from the University of Leipzig in 2007 and her PhD from the University of Zurich in 2011. She has taught at the University of Zurich, Zurich University of Teacher Education, and the University of Bern, where she has been employed since 2014 as junior faculty. Schlachetzki has held postdoctoral fellowships at New York University (2015/2016), at the University of Wrocław (2014) and the German Historical Institute in Warsaw (2019). She has received grants from the DAAD, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and the Swiss National Science Foundation, among others.

Schlachetzki’s primary research in architecture focuses on the genesis of modernism with a specific interest in its fringes and the socio-political importance of space. The manuscript of her second book in progress, tentatively titled East of the World City. Architectural Modernism in Breslau and Berlin, seeks to contribute to a critical historiography by scrutinizing the entangled artistic careers in Weimar Germany’s eastern borderlands as well as in the capital. It is centered on the argument that a history of modernism in Breslau/Wrocław provides a glass to magnify the larger configuration of the often polemical antagonisms of metropolis and periphery, up into the postwar era, when Wrocław was re-oriented toward the new national center Warsaw.