Lucy Whelan

Lucy Whelan

Lucy Whelan, Foto: Barbara Herrenkind

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Lucy Whelan is a visiting postdoctoral researcher, on a Hanseatic Scholarship from the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung.

Her doctoral project at the University of Oxford offers a new interpretation of the French artist Pierre Bonnard, examining how Bonnard’s paintings and drawings challenge the role of perception in representation. While at the Humboldt, Lucy is preparing a monograph proposal based on this doctoral work, and beginning a postdoctoral project that examines the significance of religion for modern artists in France and Germany in the early decades of the twentieth century.

Lucy previously completed her M.St. at Oxford University following her B.A. in Philosophy at Cambridge University, and has since taught in the History of Art departments in Cambridge and Oxford Universities. In 2016, she co-organised the inter-disciplinary symposium ‘Thinking Colour’ at the University of Oxford, that explored the connections between art history and philosophical thought in relation to colour. In 2015, she co-convened a session on ‘Thinking Images’ at the Association of Art Historians’ Annual Conference, exploring how images offer a unique mode of thinking, and the publication emerging from this is currently underway. She is also a member of the ‘Modernity and the Present in Europe’ research network at Durham University.


Research interests:

Visual art in France and Germany, 1880-1945
Religion and modern art
Connections between art history and philosophy
Phenomenological approaches to art and close looking


Areas of teaching experience: approaches to art history, modern art 1880-1920, visual art after 1960 (undergraduate and masters level, lectures, classes, seminars and supervisions)