Andrew Witt


Dr. Andrew Witt

Andrew Witt is the Terra Foundation for American Art Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His teaching interests include the history of photography, contemporary art, and museum studies. Andrew completed his PhD at University College London in 2017 and his MA at UCL in 2010.

Andrew is currently working on a book manuscript, Lost Days, Endless Nights: Photography and Film from Los Angeles (MIT Press). The project investigates how a group of artists reimagined the aesthetic and political capacities of documentary photography and film in the shadow of contemporary social, ecological, and anti-colonial uprisings. This constellation of photographers and filmmakers includes John Divola, Christina Fernandez, Gregory Halpern, Anthony Hernandez, Kahlil Joseph, Dana Lixenberg, Catherine Opie, Martha Rosler, Guadalupe Rosales, Allan Sekula, as well as members of the LA Rebellion. 

His second book project is titled, Exile Modernism, and examines how the medium of photography was reimagined in the context of mass migration and displacement during the Second World War. The project questions how social and historical memory was pictured, transfigured, and obscured by photographs when placed under the pressures of immigration and exile. From this research, he is developing a publication on the photographic work of Ellen Auerbach, Maya Deren, Alexander Hammid, Germaine Krull, and Rose Mandel.

Andrew is a regular contributor to Artforum and an affiliate fellow at The Institute for Cultural Inquiry | ICI Berlin.

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