Terra Foundation for American Art Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship

Terra Foundation for American Art

Fellowships in Berlin

The Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the Institut für Kunst- und Bildgeschichte der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for 2016-2018 is Larne Abse Gogarty

In the summer term 2017, Larne will be teaching the following course:

Dystopia and Utopia in Californian Art and Popular Culture. (Thursday 10am – noon, Room 3.30, Georgenstraße 47, first session on 20th April, BA seminar)

This course addresses how utopian and dystopian imaginaries of California have been produced and explored within the visual arts, also drawing on literature, cinema and music. We address the period from the Gold Rush to the energy crisis of the 1970s, beginning with the representation of nature and the frontier in mid-19th Century landscape painting and early photography, before considering the marketing of California to the rest of the United States, as well as overseas. Next, the course addresses early modernism in California, New Deal era public art, urbanism and architecture in Los Angeles. In moving towards the post WWII years, we consider the blooming of the Los Angeles gallery scene, the Black Arts Movement after the Watts uprising, counterculture, feminist art, the Chicano cultural movement and eco-art. Artists discussed on the course include Albert Bierstadt, Charles Christian Nahl, Carleton Watkins, Eadward Muybridge, Weegee, Wallace Berman, Ed Kienholz, Ed Ruscha, Melvin Edwards, Ed Bereal, Noah Purifoy, Senga Nengudi, Judith Baca, Asco and Bonnie Sherk. Throughout, we also draw on literature and cinema to enrich our sense of the period, and the central theme of utopia and dystopia as it transformed from the Gold Rush to the energy crisis of the 1970s.

In the winter term 2016-2017, Larne taught the following course :

Performance and Politics in the United States, 1913-present. (Tuesdays 10 am – noon, Raum 0:12 , Georgenstraße 47, first session on 25th October, BA seminar)

This course examines the interdisciplinary formation of performance in modern and contemporary American art. Topics include political pageantry and the ‚proletarian‘ avant-garde in the US; the Federal Theatre Project during the depression; modern dance; the gradual codification of performance as a legitimate ‚medium‘ within the visual arts during the Cold War and how this affected notions of improvisation, endurance and virtuosity; performance and counterculture in the 1950s-60s. We explore the place of performance within feminist and queer art; Blackness and performance; the current interest in dance within contemporary art; the positioning of performance within ’social practice‘; and current, ‚delegated‘ performance as a manifestation of contemporary labor relations. Through taking the course, students will gain a sense of how performance has intersected with political struggle throughout the 20th century, as well as how performance practices formed a catalyst within the breakdown of medium specificity.

The Terra Foundation for American Art Visiting Professor at the John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität Berlin for the winter term 2016/17 is Allison Stagg.

Allison Stagg offers the following courses at the John F. Kennedy Institute, Summer Term 2017

BA Seminar: „‚Art in the Age of Hamilton“ (Tue noon-2 p.m., Room 319)

Following the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony award winning Broadway musical, Hamilton, there has been great enthusiasm and interest for the world of the Founding Fathers during the early Republic. To that end, this course will focus on the culture and art of Alexander Hamilton’s New York between the American Revolution up until the death of his wife, Eliza in the 1850s. Class meetings will consider how history has been remembered today in the musical and will explore the art of the period: the need for an artist market in early New York, the rise of portraiture, the emergence of museums and exhibitions, and the appeal for national monuments in the mid 19th century.

MA Seminar: „‚National Identity in American Art“ (Mon 10-12 a.m., Room 319)

The course will explore the various kinds of visual political propaganda made in America from the Revolution up until the early 20th century by focusing on representations of American power and identity as defined by both American and European artists. Several of the classes will meet at museums and study rooms in Berlin and will involve working directly with 18th, 19th, and early 20th century archival documents and art objects.This course is designed especially for students who seek in-depth knowledge of American Art and may even plan to write their thesis on the subject. Thus, participation is limited to 20 students of North American Studies (FU) and Art History (FU and HU).

Terra Foundation for American Art events in Berlin:

Terra Symposium 2017: “At Home and Abroad: Movement, Influence, and Circulation in North American Art” on June 28/29 in Room 340 at the John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität Berlin.

A downloadable program is available here: Poster_Terra-Symposium-2017-Stagg