Juliette Calvarin

Dr. Juliette Calvarin

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Professur für Bildkulturen des Mittelalters

Raum 3.24
Tel.: 030.2093-66223
Fax: 030.2093-66204

Sprechstunden im Semester:
mittwochs, 14:30–15:30

Juliette Calvarin earned her BA in European and North-American history from Yale University in 2013, and her PhD in Art History from Harvard University in 2021. Her dissertation, supervised by Jeffrey Hamburger and Evelin Wetter (Abegg-Stiftung), was titled “Ornamenta Sacerdotum: Marian Chasubles for Priestly Bodies in pre-Hussite Prague” and explored the significance of both liturgical vestments and Marian imagery for the self-understanding of the clergy in the later Middle Ages. This dissertation research was supported by fellowships at the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich and the Institut für europäische Geschichte in Mainz. Since July 2021, she is part of the group “Bildkulturen des Mittelalters” led by Prof. Kathrin Müller.

Research interests

East-Central Europe in the late Middle Ages; mediality of textiles and textile images; liturgical commentary, theology and semiotics; recycling and reuse in material culture


“Transformative Ornament for the Priest in Durandus’ Rationale and its Illuminations,” in “Verbrecherisch, decadent, obsolete – oder unverzichtbar? Debattem um das Ornament,” thematic issue, Kunstchronik 72.7 (July 2019): 351–60.


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“Umbral: Amict et Annonciation au Moyen Âge tardif (Ste.-Marie, Gdańsk),“ Rituel et image: Textiles et révélation du sacré, journée d’étude, Paris, INHA and Université Paris I – Sorbonne, 2021

“Afterlives of Funeral Palls in the Sacristy,” Collecting, Curating, Assembling: New Approaches to the Archive in the Middle Ages, University of Saint Andrews, 2019