Beiträge/Papers 2016

III. Internationales Doktorandenforum Kunstgeschichte des östlichen Europas / III. International Forum for Doctoral Candidates in East European Art History

Beiträge/Papers 2016



Antal, Barbara: Nationale Identitätssuche in der Architektur um 1900 in Ostmitteleuropa

Bérešová, Simona: Die Kunstgewerbeschule in Bratislava. Vermittlerin der Moderne in der Slowakei

Cierpisz, Szymon: Polish Art Of the 18th Century Towards the History

Damian, Iuliana: Animals in stone. Special features of the Wallachian visual culture (17th-18th centuries)

Dudás, Barbara: Theorising the Transition. Globalization and Hungarian Contemporary Art after 1989

Dziewicki, Tomasz: Intensivism as a Tool of an Art Historian

Felczyńska, Agata: Bronze casting in Cracow in the so called silver and golden age (1501-1655). Technology, production and artistic issues

Foschiová, Regina: Confrontation of Identities.The artwork of Czechoslovakian exile artists between the years 1968 and 1989 in the German speaking countries

Frąszczak, Ksenia: Retable from Góra, the work, its context and history

Gritane, Agita: Activity conditions of the artists in the first half of the 20th Century in Latvia: Example of Jekabs Bine (1895-1955)

Hajduk, Olga: Reading renaissance tomb sculpture. Case study of Santi Gucci Fiorentino’s activity in Poland

Hauser, Jakub: “Like the wanderings of some mythical tribe…” Art collections and cultural identity of the Russian exile community in the interwar Prague

Herman, Magdalena: The Print Collection of Jan Ponętowski in the Jagiellonian Library

Horvat, Lea: Der Plattenbau in Jugoslawien zwischen den 1950er und den 2000er Jahren

Jankowska-Andrzejewska, Maria: Towards a new defintion of “matter painting” in Poland

Jara, Karolina: Architecture and urban planning in Wrocław and Lower Silesia in 1933-1945

Joekalda, Kristina: Balten und ihre Bauten: Local and national in the 19th-century Baltic heritage discourse

Kerdová, Lenka: Prague interwar architecture from German speaking architects

Kobylińska-Bunsch, Weronika: Soft focus generation versus „the bizarre freaks”. Theoretical and social background of the development of the pre- and post-war Polish avant-garde photography

Komorowski, Wiktor: The Reversed Power of the Image: Graphic Art Biennials in Eastern Europe during the Cold War

Kristberga, Laine: The Art of the Second Public Sphere or die zweite Öffentlichkeit

Kroll, Natalia: Exhibitions of Russian Avant-Gardists during the 1920ies in Germany within the context of Soviet art politics

Kuberlinov, Basan: The Houses of Soviets: Socio-political Change and Constructivist Architecture

Kurz, Michal: Historische Stadt im sozialistischen Aufbau. Prag und Leipzig zwischen Vision und Wirklichkeit des Stalinismus

Kusler, Ágnes: Emblematic Regulations of Monastic Spaces. The Decoration of the Refectory of the Pannonhalma Benedictine Archabbey in the Context of eighteenth-century Monastic Emblematics

Lanko, Maria: Participation and Collectivity in Art of the Soviet and post-Soviet Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine since the 1970s

Lapinska, Eva: Art Academy of Latvia and its Role in the Developmet of Art During the Postwar Soviet Era in Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic

Lebhaft, Karla: Art and Ideology: Neo-Avant-Garde and Post-Avant-Garde Art Practices in Croatia

Lőrincz, Viktor: I.M.A Ganneval and the Cathedral of Vác

Marjanović, Ivana: The Politics of Interconnectedness and the „QueerBeograd Cabaret“

Mikulová, Soňa: Die Rezeption und Reflexion der nationalsozialistischen Kunstpolitik in der tschechoslowakischen Kunstszene (1933-1939)

Miller, Anna: “Life seemed to be a theatre-play, and the world its scenography”. Theatralisation of life in a Polish artists’colony in Kazimierz Dolny – during the interwar period

Niemira, Konrad: Abstract Art, Cold War and 15 Polish Painters

Ostermüller, Ella: Der Transfer des Museumsbaus nach Russland am Beispiel der Neuen Eremitage

Popovics, Viktória: Cross-generational dialogue between Július Koller and Roman Ondák

Prešnajderová, Klára: Offene Fenster zu Europa – die Rolle von Kunstzeitschriften bei den Bestrebungen um eine Neuordnung der Slowakei über moderne Gestaltung

Rollová, Veronika: Prague Castle as a Stage for Propaganda (1948-1989)

Secklehner, Julia: Frontiers of Identity. Austrian and Czechoslovak Satirical Magazines between Tradition and Modernity 1918-1939

Sitek, Masza: ‘Hans Süss von Kulmbach and Poland.’ Historicizing and redefining the issue

Stefanovska, Biljana: Authentizität von Orten und Konstruktion von Stadtbildern: Semantische Transformation des Stadtzentrums von Skopje

Sullivan, Alice: The Painted Fortified Monastic Churches of Moldavia: Bastions of Orthodoxy in a Post-Byzantine World

Szeląg, Adam: Felix Anton Scheffler and a new quality of Silesian baroque painting

Szender, Orsolya: Religiöse Bildwerke und ihre Betrachter: Wechselwirkungen

Szeredi, Merse Pál: First Encounters – The Spread of Russian Constructivism in the West and the Role of Émigré Hungarian Avant-Garde in Vienna (1919–1924)

Tank, Merle: A multimodal approach to the Constructivists’ concept of ‘new art’ in Estonia and in Slovenia

Tătaru, Cristiana: The Monetary Art of Wallachia in Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. Discourse, Image and Production Technique

Tomkova, Denisa: Biopolitical Art as Art of Participation in Eastern Europe since 1989

Towarnicka, Izabela: Jewish memory, nostalgia and national identity of Jews in Wrocław’s Society: The history and heritage of the 19th century Jewish necropolis on Ślężna Street in Wrocław (Poland)

Vanags, Gatis: Features of National Romanticism in typeface design first half of 20th Century in Latvia

Veress, Dániel: Architecture as Nation-Building. The Searching for National Styles in Habsburg Central Europe during the second half of the long 19th century

Vujanović, Barbara: Classical elements in the work of Ivan Meštrović

Walczak, Dorota: ,,Repair” plans of icon painting in the nineteenth-century Russia

Waßewitz, Ilka: Landesausbau, Architektur und Selbstdarstellung böhmischer Fürsten des 17. Jahrhunderts am Beispiel Albrecht von Waldstein

Watterott, Kristin: Der Surrealismus in der Tschechoslowakei in den 1970er und 1980er Jahren

Węglicka, Katarzyna: The architecture in pictures and in graphic arts of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (current Lithuania, Belarussia and eastern part of Ukraine)

Woźniak-Koch, Milena: Warsaw Art Collecting in the Years between 1880 and 1939. In Search of a Method

Zachariáš, Jan: The Image of Christ. 19th Century Imagination of the Sacred in Russia and the West – A Comparative Study

Zelmane, Inese: Changes of Visual Narratives within the Popular Illustrated Mass Media Published in Latvia during the 1950’s and 1960’s

Zini, Claudia: Post-War Negotiations: Art from Bosnia Herzegovina in the Global Field