Beiträge/Papers 2020

VII. Internationales Doktorandenforum Kunstgeschichte des östlichen Europas / VII International Forum for Doctoral Candidates in East European Art History

Beiträge/Papers 2020



Bakir, Acelya: Sehen, Hören, Mitmachen: Die mediale Inszenierung der Moskauer Schauprozesse in der Sowjetunion, 1936–1938

Barentsen, Sterre: Collaborative Art Practices of the Neo-Avantgarde in 1970s East Germany

Bartlová, Anežka: Conditions of Art Criticism in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s

Becker-Naydenov, Patrick: “… parallel zum Fünfjahresplan”? Zur “musikalischen Ökonomie” des Sozialismus in Bulgarien

Benedek, Kata: El Kazovsky revisited: LGBT and Queer Themes in Visual Arts in a Socialist and Post-Socialist Context

Boban, Beatrice: Art Collecting in Romanian Interwar Space, A Symptom of Modernity

Bruneizerytė, Viktorija: Being an Actress in the 20th Century: Between Public and Private

Chebakova, Polina A.: Miniature Portrait of Peter the Great’s Son by J. G. Tannauer: Transformation of Wandering Iconographic Scheme

Chwiejda, Ewelina: The Artistic Strategies for Pleading the Cause of Refugees and Migrants in Today’s Poland

Daraškevičius, Marius: Decently Dining – Modernizing Dining Rooms in Lithuanian Nobilities Manor Houses in the 19th Century

Deeb, Maria: „Konstantin Melnikov, architect “. An Evolutionary Path to the Soviet Architecture (1917-1937)

Efits, Andrey: To Show and To Speak: Strategies of Labelling in Soviet Art Museums in the 1920s and 1930s

Emig, Caroline: Leyb Kvitko: Sowjetisch-Jiddische Kinderlyrik und ihre Illustrationen zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts

Farkas, Mariann: Cross-Cultural and Interfaith Dialogue in the Works of Hungarian Israeli Artists

Ficková, Barbora: Formation of Canon of Czech Modern Art

Guirguinova, Radoslava: The Exchange of Ideas between the Western and Eastern European City: An Exploratory Analysis based on the Research on Stuttgart and Plovdiv

Heller, Josephin: Kunsttransfer und Museumspraxis zwischen 1945 und 1955 in Leipzig

Hojdysz, Michaela: Archduke Eugen of Austria-Teschen: Rebuilding and Conservation of the Bouzov Castle in the Context of Collecting and Historic Preservation in Central Europe in the late 19th Century

Hübner, Milena: Simplicity and Utility in Closed Space. The Art of Biedermeier on Polish Lands

Huth, Júliusz: Hungarian Salon – The Institutional System of Fine Arts and the New Structure of the Contemporary Art Field in the Process of the System Change

Ivlieva, Olga: Regional Features in the Art Glassmaking of Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Baltic Countries in the 1920-1930s, and their Role in Soviet Art glass in the Second Half of the 20th Century

Iżykowska-Uszczyk, Agata: Cultural Transformations of Intimacy on the Example of Polish Contemporary Art of the 21st Century

Kaczmarek, Adrianna: Self-Portrait in Modern Polish Printmaking

Kalinauskas, Justinas: Investigation of the Phenomenon of Reality in the Participation Practises of Lithuanian Theatre Audiences

Katinaite, Deima: Culturing Nature: Artistic Strategies in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Kotásek, Robert: Künstlerbuch als Feld der alternativen tschechoslowakischen Kunstpraxis, 1968-1989

Kozák, Zsuzsanna: Revisal of the Term Art Brut on the Basis of its History in Hungary

Kravchenko, Nadiia: Kulturelle und kunstgeschichtliche Kontexte der Jagd im frühmodernen Polen-Litauen Staat. Traditionen und Renaissance-Innovationen

Kriukova, Iuliia: Novel Features of Marian Iconography in Russian Art in the Post-Byzantine Context: The Icon of the Virgin Hodegetria from the Ferapontov Monastery

Leposa, Zsóka: ‘They do no harm … but this is not fine art’. Abstraction In and Outside. Abstraction as Official Language of Modernism during the Socialism in Hungary

Lesničenoka, Agnija: Art Academy of Latvia Student Fraternity “Dzintarzeme”: Latvian National Art Conservation Policy in Exile (1958-1987)

Lukács, Nóra: „Berlin, ein Traum mit Sahne“ (Marcel Broodthaers, 1974) – Institutionskritik im Werk der StipendiatInnen des Berliner Künstlerprogramms des DAAD in West-Berlin in den 1970er Jahren

Marvanová, Žaneta: Sacral Architecture in the Moravian-Silesian Country in the Period of Religious Tolerance: Architecture, Iconography, Liturgy. Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Helvetic Sacral Architecture and its Socio-Cultural Environment

Međeral, Mirna: The Collector: Research into Provenance of Artworks from the Ante Topić Mimara Collection

Mikulcová, Anežka: Portrait Silhouette in the Czech Lands from the 18th to the 19th Century

Montua, Svetlana Jevtovic: Is there a Non-Aligned Art? Politics of Exhibitions and Artistic Relations in Socialist Yugoslavia between 1945 and 1974

Nagyová, Zsófia: Cultural Representation under the Pressure of Ethnicity – The Case of the Hungarian Minority in Slovakia

Odnoviun, Valentyn: Intersections among Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Czechoslovak Art Photographers from 1960s to Early 1990s

Olkheft, Olga: Re-Conception of Russian Avant-Garde Art in the Context of Cultural Cold War (1960s – 1980s)

Onufrienko, Maksim: The Great Entrance Iconography in the 16th—17th Century Russian Art

Őze, Eszter: Propaganda, Hygiene and Museums: A Case Study on Social Museum Budapest (1901-1939) and St. Petersburg Hygiene Museum (1893)

Perczel, Júlia: Is Distant also Detached? A Digital Art Historical Approach towards Understanding Processes of Canon-Formation

Placci, Luca: Alvar Aalto and the “Florence of the North”

Polláková, Petra: Inspirations from Chinese Calligraphy and Daoist Thinking on Czech Visual Art, Poetry and Literature after 1948

Rochow, Frank: Architektur und Herrschaft. Gesamtstaatskonzeption und militärische Präsenz in der habsburgischen Provinz Galizien-Lodomerien, 1849-1859

Rozmarynowski, Łukasz: Mathematics and Polish Art in the 20th Century

Salamon, Gáspár: Stilarchitektur? Transfer kunsthistorischen Wissens in der ungarischen Architekturlehre (1864–1914)

Schlegel, Gaia Irina: Constructing (National) Patrimony: Medieval Monuments in Comparative Histories of Architecture in Central Europe 1890/1900 – 1920/30

Seith, Gabriela Manda: Art… Despite Everything. Contemporary Art in Sarajevo

Skopalová, Eva: The Anachronistic Conception of History and its Impact on the “Story” of Czech Art

Slanina, Ondrej: Czech Suns: Baroque Monstrances in Loreto Prague

Štroblová, Kateřina: Reflexion of Totalitarian Past in the Contemporary Art of Central Europe

Taul, Gregor: Contradictory Space. Monumental-Decorative Art in Late Soviet Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 1975-1985

Tilta, Evelina: Functions of Sublime and Beautiful in the Context of Contemporary Art Market

Tuschinski, Natalia: Form und Politik: Das sogenannte Griechische Projekt in Architektur und Städtebau des Russländischen Reiches im 18. Jahrhundert

Vanem, Mari-Liis: Die Wirkung der deutschbaltischen Kunstkritik auf die estnische Kunstwissenschaft und Kunstkritik. Die Veränderung des Diskurses der in Estland veröffentlichten deutschen Kunstkritik 1915-1925

Veress, Dániel: Architecture as Nation-Building – Searching for National Styles in Hungary and in Europe, 1850s–1925

Vinnik, Marina: An Attempt of Feminist Art Historiography: Woman as an Artist in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and Modern Russia

Vinogradova, Ekaterina: Narrating Victimhood. Post-Soviet Identities on Venice Biennale

Walczak, Dorota: What should Russian Sacred Art look like? The Committee for Care of Russian Icon Painting in Search of the „National Style” in Icon Painting

Wichlińska, Marta: Das Kaiserviertel in Posen (Poznań) als Beispiel der repräsentativen Architektur in den Grenzgebieten des Zweiten Deutschen Kaiserreiches

Willerthová, Petra: Visual Promotion of the Sokol Movement on the Czech-Polish Border between the Wars

Yarkova, Evgeniya: Moscow Kinetic and Op Art: Legacy and New Forms in the Works of The Movement Group

Žganec, Ines: Slovenian Architect France Tomažič (1899-1968). “Out of the Foggy Mists of Parnassus into Real Life”