Beiträge/Papers 2023

VIII. Internationales Doktorand*innenforum Kunstgeschichte des östlichen Europas

Beiträge / Papers 2023

Błaszczyńska, Julia: Furniture-Making in Poznań 1945 – 1989. Education, Design, Production

Bosnić, Tomislav: Architecture and Urban Planning of the Žagar Brothers

Dargužaitė, Rasa: Lithuanian Dail ė Art Production Factories in 1945 – 1990: The Aspects and Contexts of Lithuanian Design

Drobná, Dominika: Kontexte der Kunst um 1800 aus dem Gebiet der heutigen Slowakei

Egger, Marie: Mail Art-Aktionen der DDR (Arbeitstitel)

Eriksröd-Burger, Magdalena: Kreative Positionen und kulturelle Positionierungen: Akteurinnen im künstlerischen Feld in Prag (1918 – 1938)

Filyuk, Kateryna: Marking of Absence: What is Contained in the Archive of Iryna Pap

Freisinger, Julia: Schlesische Stammbücher der frühen Neuzeit (1550 – 1650) – Freundschaftsnetzwerke in Wort und Bild

Grigas, Aligmantas: Lithuanian Modernism in Architectural Criticism: Between Political Directives and Creative Freedom / 1955 – 1988

Harder, Jeannine: Von Polens Straßen in die Welt. Die Polnische Schule der Plakatkunst im internationalen Kontext 1948 – 1968

Horáková, Tereza: Expressivity and Emotionality of Polychrome Baroque Sculptures and Religious Imagination of the 17th and 18th Centuries in the Czech Lands

Huth, Júliusz: Hungarian Salon – The Transformation of the Institutional System of Fine Arts in the Process of the 1989 Regime Change

Illyenko, Lubava: Ukrainian Soviet Mosaics under the Post-Colonial Lens

Janáč, Petr: Machines for Living: Architects’ Houses in the Czech Lands, 1890 – 1939

Jović, Katarina: Visual Culture of Bourgeois Salons in the Bay of Kotor during the 19th Century

Karakaş, Veysel Can: A Comparative History of Public Figurative Statues between Budapest and Istanbul in 1833 – 1944

Klaić, Josip: Dematerialization of the Art Object in 20th Century Croatian Art – Works in the Collections of Zagreb Museums

Keller, Natalia: Wiktoria Goryńska: A State-Building Artist of the Second Polish Republic

Kołodziejek, Emma: Migrations of French Architects, Builders and Engineers to the Lands of the Commonwealth in the Fourth Quarter of the 17th and 18th Centuries. Roads, Causes and Effects.

Kouřilová, Karolína: Research, processing, and digitization of materials related to the history of Vývoj nábytkářského průmyslu in Brno (Institute for Development in the Furniture Industry) with the intention to create a digital database

Leahy, Emma Louise: Living Walls: Monumental Façade Decoration and Identity Discourses in the Former Second World

Łuczak, Paulina: Aesthetic Education in Visual Arts in the Prussian Partition from 1815 to 1918: Art in the German Provinces

Madár, Mária: The Visual Reception of Cosmos/Space in the Hungarian Arts during the Cold War

Malek-Lubawski, Weronika: Between Moscow and Paris: Łódź and the Transnational Avant-Garde Network in 1921 – 1939

Moliar, Yevheniia: Soviet Cultural Heritage in Ukrainian Contemporary Art Researching the Artistic Practices of Contemporary Ukrainian Artists who Turn to Cultural Heritage of the Soviet Period in their Works

Múdry, Pavol: Acquisition Activity of the Slovak National Gallery during Stalinism as an Image of Social Identity Failure to Look for any Proof as an Art Historical Approach

Pavliš, Barbora: The Formation of the Canon of Czech Modern Art: 1945 – 1995

Perzyński, Adam: Castles, Horses and Angels. Noble Patrons, Earthly Knowledge and Heavenly Wisdom in the Oeuvre of Tomasz Makowski (ca 1575 – ca 1630)

Radny, Kacper: Between Occident and Orient: Reception of the XIX Century Eastern-European Art in the West

Radzevičiūtė, Gabrielė: Visualisation of Everyday Life and the Discourse of Modernism in Interwar Lithuania

Schäfer, Eiske: Lost F emale Future? Architektinnen und Utopien in Polen und der DDR, 1945 – 1960

Shyrochyn, Semen: Architectural Heritage of Soviet Era in Industrial Cities of Ukraine Researching History of Architecture of Soviet Period and Problems of its Protection in Ukrainian Industrial Cities

Tardy, Hugo: Sculpture in St. Petersburg in the Age of Enlightenment: Actors, Uses and Places

Thieme, Luise: Gegenerzählungen. Künstlerisch-feministische Praxis in der DDR ab 1970

Twardziak, Rita: Romanesque Architecture in Poland and the Church Reforms in the 11th – 13th Centuries

Varga, Krisztina: Roma Museum

Zsuró, Zsuzsanna: “Infrastructure of Dissent.” Socially Engaged and Critical Art Practices in The Hungarian Diaspora After 2010

Żuchowski, Łukasz: Xawery Dunikowski and the Problem of the “Fourth Dimension” in Polish Art Received Ideas of Progress and Eastern European Modernism: the “Polish Fourth Dimension”