Beiträge/Papers 2021

VII. Internationales Doktorandenforum Kunstgeschichte des östlichen Europas / VII International Forum for Doctoral Candidates in East European Art History

Beiträge / Papers 2021


Alcalá-Galiano, Louis: Two Sides of the Coin. West & East 19th Century Portraits Face Each Other

Anastasiei, Iolanda-Georgiana: Independent Art Galleries in the Context of Romanian Visual Arts (2000-2019) – Organization Mechanisms and Aesthetic Features

Barentsen, Sterre: An Environmental Art History of the GDR

Bojtos, Anikó: In the Swirl of Changing Styles and Tastes – The History of the Hungarian Masterclasses for Painting

Brozman, Dušan: Dualismen und Triaden in der Kunst der slowakischen Neo-Avantgarde. Zu einer Deutung ihrer Bildsprachen

Bruneizerytė, Viktorija: Image of an Actress in the Interwar Lithuania

Chukcheeva, Maria: The Images of the National Past in Russian Art and Historical Culture in the Second Half in the 19th Century Russia

Denysova, Katia: Ukrainian Avant-Garde Art and the Construction of National Identity

Derado, Dora: Appropriation Strategies in 20th-Century Art in Croatia: Their Modes of Articulation and Impact on the Scope of Artistic Activity

Dvorakk, Elisaveta: Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s Image Reports 1937-38. Journalistic Travel Photography and Political Aesthetics of the Documentary

Farkas, Mariann: Hédi Tarján (1932–2008) and Uri Asaf (b. 1942–): Hungarian Jewish Artists Confronting the Holocaust, Communism and Integration into Israeli Society

Griffin, Esther: Maria Kazimiera (1641 – 1716): Networks of Architectural Patronage and Collecting

Gucsa, Magdolna: Dreaming and Collecting Dreams in the Occupied France: Emil Szittya’s Illustrated Collection of 82 Dreams

Győrffy, Rachel: Towards a Potemkin-City. A Critical Investigation of the Architectural Reconstructivist Trend in Central and Eastern Europe

Jankov, Sonja: Quoting Architecture of Yugoslav Modernism as Creative and Interpretative Method in Contemporary Art Practices

Jeziorowska, Emilia: Détournement in Iconosphere of Protests in 2011-2012: Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Indignados

Johanidesová, Tereza: Key Concepts, Terms and Interpretation Strategies of Czech Marxist Iconology

Kaczmarek, Adrianna: The Modern Face. Polish Self-Portraits in Print

Kiliszek, Joanna: Values and Valuation of Modern and Contemporary Visual Art. The Role of Reflexive Practice – Collection of the Museum of Art in Łódź 1931 – 2018

Klinger, Larissa: Sinneswandel und Wertekonkurrenz – der doppelte Bildsinn im Werk von Alexander Kosolapov

Kumelowski, Ewa Anna: The Sarajevo Ghetto Spectacle: Historical Trajectories of the Yugoslav Visual Arts Community during the Siege of Sarajevo

László, Zsuzsa: The Emergence and Critique of the Concept “East European Art”: Figures of Misunderstanding and Cultural Translation

Ļegčiļina-Broka, Rita: Landscape in Latvian Textile Art. Capturing the Essence of a Place

Mania, Irina: Tbilisi Caravanseraies: Cultural and Architectural Study

Mátravölgyi, Dorottya: Stages of Participation in Contemporary Theatre

Minea, Cosmin: ‘Old Buildings for Modern Times: The Rise of Architectural Monuments as Symbols of the State in Late Nineteenth-Century Romania’

Odnoviun, Valentyn: Intersections Among Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Czechoslovak Art Photographers from 1960s to Late 1980s

Olkheft, Olga: Re-conception of Russian Avant-Garde Art in the Context of Cultural Cold War (1960s – 1980s)

Schlegel, Gaia Irina: Visual Working Objects – The Construction of National Heritage in Jan Sas Zubrzycki’s Treasury of Architecture in Poland

Schmieder, Felix: Negotiating Status and Gender Boundaries in Early Modern Residences

Skip, Olena: Das Phänomen der Ukrainischen Avantgarde dargestellt am Beispiel von David Burliuk, Vasilij Ermilov und Viktor Palmov

Skip, Veronika: Hordynskyjs, Mehyks und Kozaks Schaffen im Kontext der ukrainischen Künstlerdiaspora in Deutschland und Amerika

Sułek, Ewa: Space of Transformation: four Models of Contemporary Art Centres in Kyiv

Tilta, Evelina: Functions of the Aesthetic Concepts “Beautiful” and “Sublime” in the Context of Contemporary Art

Timonina, Alexandra: Exhibition Strategies of Russian Modernism in the 1900s – 1910s

Tsetskhladze, Ketevan: Contemporary Art in Georgia during Perestroika

Tuschinski, Natalia: Form und Politik: das sog. Griechische Projekt in Architektur und Städtebau des Russländischen Reiches im 18. Jahrhundert

Volná, Tereza Vernerová: Rituals of Representation – Insignia of Czech Universities since 1882

Walczak, Dorota: Activities of the Committee for Care of Russian Icon Painting (1901–1918) What Should Russian Sacred Art Look like? The Committee for Care of Russian Icon Painting in Search of the „National Style” in Icon Painting